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Discover Tango and Lady's Tango Festival present

New Tango Experiences

It is a tremendous honor to collaborate with the talented Johana Copes during the Lady's Tango Festival 2024.

Johana's exceptional skills and deep understanding of tango bring a unique and enriching dimension to our collaboration. Through our collaborative efforts, Johana Copes and I aim to curate a series of enriching cultural activities that go beyond the dance floor. In addition to the dance-focused events between the 7th and 10th of March, we envision incorporating elements of history, music, art, and outdoor activities showcasing the richness of Argentine culture. The cultural activities we propose on the 4,5,6,11 and 12 of March will complement the festival, providing attendees with a holistic immersion into the world of tango and its cultural roots.

By offering a diverse range of cultural experiences, we hope to create lasting memories and a sense of unity among participants, leaving an indelible mark on the Lady's Tango Festival.

Estancia Experience

 Asado lunch with wine  |  Chacarera lesson  |  Merienda  |  Bus transfers  |  Activities: horseback riding, kayaking, swimming pool

Experience the gaucho way of living at a 100-year old estancia. Chacarera dancing, horse riding, asado lunch, and much more at a full day escapade into the beautiful countryside, away from the noise of Buenos Aires.

Bandoneon del Tigre

Bus transfers  |  Boat transfers  |  Delicious home-made breakfast  |  Walking tour of the island with Hugo  |  Live tango and folklore music  |  Asado lunch with wine  |  Free time for swimming or kayaking  |  Merienda

Spend a full day in Delta de Tigre filled with music and great food. Our hosts, Hugo Satorre y Emiliano Farryna, will prepare the famous asado Argentino and have you dancing to the beat of Tango and Chacarera. Discover the island way of life, swim and kayak.

Tango History Night with Cata and Johana

Champagne toast  |   Tapas dinner with wine |  Signed copy of " Pequeño Carlos Gardel Ilustrado"

Find out the true story behind the beginnings of Tango in Argentina narrated by a certified historian, Cata Cabana, and accompanied by a multimedia presentation with archive footage. Special guest Johana Copes will give her take on the evolution of Tango dance through the evolution of the music. Enjoy finger food with famous Argentine wines. A special gift: a signed copy of "Pequeño Carlos Gardel Ilustrado" by Cata Cabana

Educational Tango Concert with Ignacio Varchausky

Welcome champagne toast  |  3 Course dinner with wine  |  Private concert  |  Dance performance by Johanna Copes and David Palo

Transform forever the way you hear and understand tango music at our private educational concert of Ignacio Varchausky and Andrés Linetzky cuarteto. Enjoy a 3 course meal prepared by Chef Martin Ewart. We’ll end the night with an exclusive dance performance by Johanna Copes & David Palo.

Tango and Poetry with Eric Calzado

Champagne welcome toast 

Understand the vibrating soul of tango through its poetry. Eric Calzado, an actor and a teacher who works with poetry and dramaturgy, will tell you all about the history of tango lyrics which follow the rhythms of the music you love. The Museo de la Academia Nacional del Tango is the perfect setting for learning about the famous authors and composers.

Ooh La La! Virginie is Muñeca Brava!

Tango lesson by Delfina Pissani and Diego Valero  |  Entrance for the “El Dia de la Mujer” Milonga  |  Muñeca Brava Show

The French tangera who, beneath her frivolous and vain exterior, hides a heart wounded by unhappy love affairs. She however prefers to express her pain and laugh about it, because life is too brief!! Pop that champagne!

The Idea Behind Discover Tango Holidays

Great Memories through Meaningful Experiences

We look for genuine human connection. Apart from our full-time assistance, through our Discover Tango holidays, you will get the chance to meet and spend time with locals, our friends, who will greet you with open doors and open hearts, and make you feel like you have always belonged here.


Discover Tango Holiday in Buenos Aires

  • Buenos Aires // 10 Days // Max. 20 guests

Understanding Tango - the dance, the music, the culture - is the main focus of this tango holiday in Buenos Aires.

Daily private group tango lessons with world renowned tango maestros will speed up the development of your technical dance abilities which you will put in practice at the best milongas in Buenos Aires.

Accommodation in the safest and most vibrant area of the city, Palermo neighborhood, will be your perfect starting point for discovering the beautiful city of Buenos Aires and all the secrets it hides, during your all inclusive Discover Tango holiday.

Discover Tango Holiday Approach

Authentic & Personalized

Get a deep insight into the tango culture of Buenos Aires with one of our personalized services.

Depending on the time that you have at hand, we offer you our authentic Tango Experiences and our custom-made Discover Discover Tango Holiday in Buenos Aires.

Discover Tango Experiences

Our tango experiences are private events that offer a deep insight into the culture of Argentine Tango.

Authentic Milonga Experience

Private Tango Class  |  Dinner  | Cultural Talk  |  Milonga

We'll take you on a tango journey through history to the present day, all in one night. Discover the real Argentine tango!

Private Tango Dinner Show

Tango Class  |  Dinner  | Cultural Talk  |  Tango Show

Participate in the action, and learn all there is to know about tango while sharing a delicious dinner with our dancers.

Tango a la Parilla - Tango Barbecue

Barbecue Dinner  | Live Tango Music  |  Tango Show

Great company with delicious home prepared food, beautiful music and smooth dancing you'll remember forever!

Wine Tasting & Tango Show

Wine Tasting  |  Dinner  | Cultural Talk  |  Tango Show

This custom-tailored 3 hour experience will leave you with a taste of Argentina on your palate and in your soul!

Discover Tango Holiday Creator

A way to live my passion!

Hi, I'm Johanna, a Discover Tango holiday planner and a Tango enthusiast!

I have always loved interacting with people from all walks of life. Having had the chance to travel and live in many different countries, I can fluently communicate in 4 languages with my guests: French, Spanish, Finnish and English.

Throughout your entire stay you will be accompanied by me and my partner, sharing our love for tango and the city of Buenos Aires, and ensuring, day to day, that the planned agenda of your discover tango holiday develops as promised.

I want my guests to discover more than just the touristy spots, I want them to return to their homes with the desire to share everything they learnt during this cultural tango immersion!

Discover Buenos Aires Like a Local!

Visiting Buenos Aires is once in a lifetime kind of experience, so you better make the most of it. Looking for the real authentic experiences among all the tourist traps takes a lot of time, time that you don't have.

Buenos Aires is a great destination to visit. For its strong European influence it was dubbed the Paris of South America. It has always been a melting pot of cultures and customs from around the world. Great cultural diversity and specific socioeconomic circumstances gave birth to tango, a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, embraced by the entire world.

We have been so well taken care of by Johanna, been to the best milongas and seen breath-taking sights – we have been given so much during this trip! Thank you everyone! It’s my best holiday ever! Big cheers!

Bessie Lim | Singapore

November 2015
Todo el mundo muy feliz y algunos con ganas de volver el proximo año ojalá y se nos vuelva a dar por que siento que quedaron muchas cosas por hacer  hehehehe. Nuevamente Johanna en nombre de Cesar y mío te volvemos a agradecer por todo, tu organización y la planeación de cada día fue genial, los restaurantes que escogiste la hacienda, el bici tour ; de verdad todo estuvo perfecto. Estamos muy agradecidos contigo.

Elizabeth Cano | Dubai

August 2016
Kiitos vielä hienosta matkasta! Olemme toki toipuneet jo aikoja sitten. Olemme saaneet kertoa matkastamme kaikille tutuille. Eskolla on vielä yli 200 kuvaa, joista hän aikoo tehdä "matkakirjan". VIELÄ KERRAN KIITOS

Esko Aaltonen | Finland

November 2014
Thank you for creating such a lovely program and ensuring that all of us had a wonderful and very memorable time in Buenos Aires and Colonia.  And even though we did not get many dances together, I really enjoyed dancing with you.

Ina Singh | India

November 2015
L'organisatrice de vacances Tango, Johanna sans oublier le très apprécié David, deux personnes qui ont su se faire hautement apprécier, pour tous les participants à ce merveilleux voyage... et j'ai le plaisir de vous inviter à notre nouveau voyage en Juillet 2019 en .... FINLANDE avec Johanna! Autre pays du Tango car un des tous premiers à avoir suivi le phénomène Tango en Europe, avec un très bon niveau de Tango...

Jean-Charles | Reunion Island

January 2018

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