Yu Jiing is passionate about Tango, and Joseph is passionate about delicious meat – DiscoverTango team uniting their passions in one trip – a one week discover Buenos Aires vacation.

Visiting Buenos Aires has been a long time coming for Yu Jiing, an aspiring tango dancer, originally from Singapore, residing in Hong Kong. She started dancing a few years back and became friends with some of the people that came to Buenos Aires when Ogie Mendoza organized his TangoXposed festival’s 10th anniversary, and DiscoverTango organized the accompanying program for his friends and students that came along from southeast Asia. Unfortunately, Yu Jiing was prevented from joining the group, but stayed attentive waiting for the next opportunity.

We worked together with Yu Jiing on creating the perfect one week program to discover Buenos Aires. Six full days of activities included private guided tours of Buenos Aires’ most notable neighborhoods, shops, restaurants and bars, and the country’s most famous woman’s museum – Evita’s museum.