I met Eeva many, many years ago, shortly after I had moved to Buenos Aires from Dubai. We were both attending a tango class in a school that unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore: El Esquinazo.

Although I don’t have the blond, blue-eyed Finnish look, I fluently speak the language thanks to my mother who is from Oulu, Finland. So to Eeva’s surprise, I approached her in her language after the tango class, as I had overheard her speak Finnish with the friend she was with that day.

We stayed in touch and met again and again over the years, it’s been almost 10 years now, each time she came to Buenos Aires for her annual tango holiday.

Eeva has many skills, but she hadn’t dared yet put them into practice by becoming a freelancer. Among some of her qualities,  Eeva teaches tango in her hometown (Turku), organizes milongas when she receives visiting maestros from abroad, sews her own tango garments, and has professional experience in tourism as she used to work for a travel agency.

I remember that one day we were talking about her wish to make a living out of her passion: tango.

While we were chatting about this topic, I suggested her to try to bring a group of Finnish tango dancers to Buenos Aires and test if there was a possibility to start collaborating together.

This is how we received our first tango group from Finland in November 2018, and the 2 week all-inclusive tango holiday we organized for her tango group was a huge success!