Discover Buenos Aires on a tango holiday among friends.

Tango Holiday in Buenos Aires

Starting from $1995 USD per person




Let's Meet this December!

Experience the magic of Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires!

Join us for a once-in-a-life time experience and immerse yourself in the authentic culture of Argentine Tango.

👉 10 nights in gorgeous Tango hotel in Palermo neighborhood
👉 Daily Tango Lessons with world-renowned maestros
👉 Full-time Assistance throughout your stay
👉 Local Tango Assistants during tango lessons
👉 Cultural excursions into Buenos Aires’ Tango heritage
👉 Transfers and restaurants
👉 Milonga Outings every night

Private Group Tango Lessons

Progress Faster with Daily Tango Lessons

During your tango holiday in Buenos Aires, all tango lessons will take place in Luna Lila dance studio, a beautiful and silent space with excellent wooden floor.


Group Tango Lessons

World renowned Tango teachers

Tango Technique: Lorena Ermocida & David Palo 

Tango Musicality:  Rocío Lequio & Bruno Tombari


Your group Tango lessons will be conducted by highly reputed Argentine Tango maestros, each with their own pedagogy and style, providing a deeper insight into the complexity of tango.

The first week of your Tango Holiday is reserved for technique while the second is all about musicality.

Our selected Tango teachers speak English, but, if necessary, we can simultaneously translate to French or Finnish, guaranteeing that you are never out of step.

All lessons will be carried out in the dance studio at your accommodation, for your comfort and for more exclusivity.

Don't have a partner? No problem!

Don't worry if you are not coming with your dance partner, Discover Tango team will make sure that you have a dance assistant throughout the classes. Our dance assistants are friendly local milongueros and aspiring Tango teachers.


Intensive Tango Holiday

Special rates for Private Tango Lessons

One of the perks of participating in our Tango Holidays is the possibility to take private lessons with our tango teachers at special rates. It's a great opportunity to get more for less.

Tango upgrade - Intensive Tango Holiday

Speed up your progress and get one-on-one attention within your Tango Holiday. Focus on the specific skills and knowledge that you wish to develop, at your own pace.

5 Hours of private lessons  //  Additional $250 US

9 Hours of private lessons  //  Additional $400 US

La Vida Es Una Milonga!

The Best Milongas of Buenos Aires

Every night of your tango holiday we will go to the best milonga and dance the night away.

The list of milongas happening in the city is long and diverse, and offers something for everyone's taste, from traditional to more casual ones.

Discover Buenos Aires like a local

Our certified tour guides will show you all the main attractions the city has to offer through a variety of excursions, from private city tours of the most interesting neighborhoods, to daytime escapades to the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Dance tango every day!

Learn tango from world-renowned tango maestros during the 10 days of your tango holiday. We will accompany you to a milonga every single night and have fun on the dance floor putting your new skills into practice.

Discover Argentine cuisine and wine

During your tango holiday we will take you to our favorite restaurants where you will taste everything from traditional parilla to more gourmet food.

Have fun!

We have prepared custom-made activities for you and have hand-picked places that we personally love! You will spend 10 days among friends, old and new, and you will have fun!

All our Discover Tango Holiday packages can be done in 4 different languages:
English, Spanish, French and Finnish.
holiday in buenos aires Private group classes

Tango Culture Night

More Than You Knew

From its humble beginnings in the slums of Buenos Aires, the meanings behind the songs, the most famous orchestras, it's downfall, and finally the rise to the present day world phenomenon - everything you wanted to know about tango, in one night!

city tour with Pablo

City Tour

Endless Anecdotes

Discover the city with our friendly and highly knowledgeable certified local tour guides, who will amaze you with endless anecdotes. We will visit the most notable neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and show you the hidden gems of tango history during your tango holiday in Buenos Aires.


argentinean steak

Culinary Experience

Great Food

Buenos Aires' dining scene has boomed over the last few years, and we want you to experience our personal selection of restaurants during your tango holiday, so that you get to taste the best cuisines according to our taste buds, with everything from historic cafes and atmospheric steakhouses to hidden closed-door restaurants.

shoe shopping

Tango Shopping Tour

Tango Fashion

If you're still looking for that special pair of shoes, you've come to the right place! The choice is overwhelming. We will take you to the best tango boutiques this city has to offer during your tango holiday. Make sure you have some space in your suitcases to bring back the extra kilos!

Tango Holiday Apartments

Welcome to Luna Lila

Tango Holiday Accommodation

Luna Lila Apartments

Luna Lila hotel is a great base for your Tango Holiday. It is located in the heart of Palermo Hollywood district, a friendly and warm environment, surrounded with designer boutiques, artists, and many gastronomic experiences that wait to be discovered.

The hotel has 10 apartments, a couple of terraces and a big dance studio where your tango lessons will take place every day.

Accommodation is on a double room basis as per the package price.

Breakfast is not included. You'll have access to a shared kitchen if you stay in smaller rooms, or you'll have your own kitchenette if staying in the bigger apartments.

Tango Holiday Reservation

Book Your Apartment

Only 10 more spots available.

We strongly recommend that you do not wait long to book yours! There will be a waiting list after all spots are booked on a first-come-first-served basis.

To reserve your spot for the retreat, a deposit of 500 USD is due.

Included in your Tango Holiday

Full-time personal assistance

Discover Tango team will accompany you throughout the duration of your tango holiday in Buenos Aires, making sure everything goes according to the plan. We will also resolve any unexpected difficulties that you might encounter during your stay in Argentina.

Boutique Tango apartments

Your accommodation in a quiet and safe part of the trendy Palermo neighborhood will be a great starting point for discovering all the best attractions of Buenos Aires.

Private group tango lessons

We work with world renowned Argentine tango maestros, and you will have the opportunity to study with two different tango couples. Your program's tango lessons are divided in technical lessons with one tango couple, and musicality lessons with the other. The tango lessons will take place in the hotel where you'll be staying, for your convenience.

Activities and excursions

Your tango holiday in Buenos Aires is filled with daytime guided activities and excursions. We use licensed tourist guides for our city and tango history tours. All the expenses of planned activities and excursions are covered by the price of the program and there are no hidden fees nor unpleasant surprises.

Tango dinner show

We will take you to our favorite tango dinner show where you'll watch the history of tango unravel in front of your eyes shown through the characteristic style of dance and fashion of each period, followed by an amazing live orchestra. This tango house also has a great restaurant that will serve  you a delicious à la carte 3-course meal and wine.

9 Meals

We have handpicked a selection of restaurants for your tango holiday in Buenos Aires, providing you with one meal per day, lunch or dinner, bringing you insights of the culinary scene of Buenos Aires, which offers more than just the famous argentine barbecue. But don't worry, there will be a lot of famous argentine meat on the menu.


Private transfers will be arranged for all pick-ups and drop-offs as required in the program. All transfers during your stay are included in the price of the package.

Tango holiday video souvenir

Throughout your tango holiday we will take photos and short videos and edit them to create a beautiful souvenir video you can show to your friends.

Relax & Enjoy

An Authentic Gaucho Experience*

Imagine silence interrupted only by the lively chirp of birds, horse riding, home made Argentine barbecue lunch, swimming pool and chill - a well deserved break from Buenos Aires. A day in the Argentine countryside will recharge your batteries for the final stretch of your tango holiday.

*Optional excursion.

Play the video and discover the real value of our tango holiday retreats!

Tango Holiday Full-time Assistance

Meet Johanna and David

Our passion for tango, for meeting new people from different horizons and sharing what Buenos Aires and other provinces have to offer, is the driving force behind every one of our small group journeys.

We've been living in Buenos Aires for almost 15 years and know the city inside-out.

Our aim is to provide each guest with unique and interesting ways to discover Argentina, whether from a tango perspective or simply from a “discovering a new place” perspective.


Previous Groups

Take a moment to have a look at some of our previous groups' experiences and get an idea what our tango holidays are like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have prior tango experience to participate?

Yes. This retreat is geared towards all dancers who have taken tango classes before and have at least some experience attending practicas and/or milongas.

Will there be time to book private lessons?

Yes. There will be ample time throughout the retreat to schedule private lessons or other activities that are not on the itinerary.

What if my partner wants to join me in Buenos Aires but doesn’t dance tango?

While this holiday is explicitly for tango dancers, your partner can certainly join you in Buenos Aires.

We will deduct the tango lessons from his/her package price. We will offer  optional activities to replace the tango lessons.

There are several rooms at the Luna Lila Guest House that can accommodate couples.

What if I get Covid on the trip?

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. We will our best to assist you in getting tested, isolating, and understanding the current Covid requirements in Argentina, and will take every measure possible to make sure you and the rest of the group participants are taken care of. In order to enter the country, the Argentine government currently requires you to have health insurance that covers any Covid-related expenses. We strongly recommend that you are up to date on your vaccinations before the trip in order to ensure the highest likelihood that you and the rest of the group are as safe as possible.

Do people wear masks or require vaccination at the milongas?

Most people are not wearing masks and milonga organizers aren't asking for vaccination. However, there are still some people who choose to wear a mask even though it is not required, so you will not be alone if you choose to do so. This can change, of course, by the time of the holiday.

Am I too young/old to join?

No. All ages are welcome to join. We take great care in creating an ambiance in which everyone feels welcome. Milongas in Buenos Aires have a lot of diversity in age. There are milongas that are friendly to all ages and others that tend to veer in one direction or the other. If you are looking for a particular type of experience, the benefit of joining this trip is that you will have our guidance in which milonga to choose based on your needs, or you can join the milonga outings with the rest of the group.

Will I get asked to dance at the milongas in Buenos Aires?

There are a lot of factors that determine this such as how well you cabaceo, the type of milonga you go to, how friendly you appear, whom you are looking at, etc. We will give you a detailed insight into how to ensure that you're not sitting out during your time on this trip. Our assistant dancers can also be hired for additional price to dance at milongas or private practice sessions!

Can I arrive before or leave some days after the holiday dates?

Yes. The hotel has availability from the 7th Dec until the 24th Dec.

So if you wish to come earlier or stay later that's entirely up to you. We will calculate the extra charges this would incur. If you wish, we can also suggest you to visit other provinces such as Iguazu, Mendoza, Salta, Calafate or Ushuaia. We can tailor-make a program for you based on your specific needs.

Do I have to know how to speak Spanish?

No. While it's certainly helpful to have a bit of language proficiency when you are travelling to a Spanish speaking country, it's not necessary. The classes on the retreat will be taught in English and your Discover Tango hosts are fluent in Spanish and can help with any language needs throughout the trip. We will also do our best to choose assistant dancers that speak and understand basic  English.

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to ask!

Discover Tango Holiday Contact Form

Our Tango Holiday maximizes your time in Buenos Aires

Discover Tango reserves the right to alter the order of activities so as to offer you the best possible combination. In the event that the tango holiday itinerary changes due to circumstances beyond the control of Discover Tango, we will make every effort to provide a suitable replacement service or activity.

Not included in Tango Holiday


Our guests organize their own flights. We will organize your transfer from and to the airport in Buenos Aires.

Travel insurance

We suggest that you purchase travel insurance if you are not already covered.


Luna Lila is an apartment building, not a hotel, so there is no breakfast provided.

Depending on the apartment you stay in, you'll have your own kitchenette or you'll have access to a shared kitchen.

Cancelation Policy

If your tango holiday in Buenos Aires package does not proceed due to a lack of sufficient registrants, all monies paid by you will be refunded in full.

If you decide to cancel your stay, please inform us in writing. The money will be refunded, less the cancellation fee per person (equivalent to 100 USD per person):

  • More than 4 weeks prior to departure the full deposit is refundable (minus 100 USD cancellation fee)
  • Less than 4 weeks before departure 50% of the deposit is refundable + remaining balance.
  • Less than 2 weeks before departure 35% of the deposit is refundable + remaining balance .
  • Less than 14 days prior to departure, no refund will apply on the deposit but remaining balance will be refunded.